Friday, May 22, 2009

Ready for the pool to open!!!!

We are sooo excited to go swimming this weekend!!! We are planning on swimming and having lots of family time! We have a "showing" of the house tomorrow so I have been cleaning this evening! Scott is working on one of his lawn mowers and like the prechildren days, I have puuled a chair into the garage and am sitting out here with him while he works (with the monitors next to me!). I finished a new dress for Reese this week that is one of my favorites! Nicholas's vocabulary exploded this week! He added "get you" to the list and he says it and then wants you to chase him. We went to Barnes and Noble this am. Nicholas kept screaming "tacta" whenever he saw tractor books! I tried to keep him somewhat quiet but it was too darn cute! I have been playing with my new camera and Photoshop so I will post some pics! I hope you all have a relaxing holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh vonderbug!!

Random thoughts:
The other day Reese was painting and messed up and said, "Oh vonderbug!" She is alwys making up the cutest words. Well, sometimes they are very close to not so nice words but I know she doesn't know the bad word so it is only funny to Scott and me! Nicholas tooted and laughed at himself for the first time today! I couldn't help but laugh with him. Reese's sunday school class sang 2 songs in church today... she made it through one song before running off the stage and into my arms! Yesterday Reese was so excited about her Mother's Day present for me that she ended up giving so many clues that it wasn't hard to figure out what it was. Then she cried because so upset for telling me! We planted my vegetable garden today! We are going to have way too many tomatoes! Who knew there is a such think as pink eggplant? We planted it for Reese. I figured if it is pink she will surely eat it! I worked on the Palliative Care unit of the oncology floor Friday night. Many of my patients were "actively dying". That was tough. Today was the last class of our "Love Dare" sunday school class. In two weeks our class is starting a new book on families. I can't wait! And neither can Nicholas, he only made it 10 minutes in the nursery today. They called us because the poor guy wouldn't start crying. Scott missed the rest of the class. Bummer, it was really good! Nicholas had a push up ice cream today and kept trying to suck on the bottom thinking it was a straw! Happy Mother's Day mom and Pat!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is fun even if I am only talking to myself!

Today was a good day. This morning I dropped the kids off at Bizi Kidz to go to the sewing store. My serger is really acting up and won't stay threaded! I got to the sewing store and realized that I had forgotten the electrical cord at home. urgggghhhh! So... I drove 25 minutes home and 25 minutes back (while paying $10/hr for the kids to be watched!). I would have just come back another day but I am really backed up on my sewing and have got to catch up. I thought it would be a quick fix but ended up having to leave it for a technician to fix. Besides that the day was great! We met our new neighbors who are a young couple with one little boy around Nicholas's age! And she is a stay-at-home mom!!! It is 7:55pm and they are already in bed and asleep, ahhhh. (I reread this and thought I should clarify... the kids are asleep, I don't know about the neighbors!) Now the wait for Grey's to start!

Day 2!!

I couldn't wait to sit down and write today. I am so excited about this new blog! I have a funny story to share. Yesterday morning we were heading out to do errands and Reese went outside before me. When I got to the car I saw that she had written "MOMDAD" in the side of the car with her finger. I suppose some people might have been irritated by this but I was so tickled that my 4 year old wrote that all by herself! I was actually proud of her! Nicholas started doing the hand movements for "The Wheels on the Bus". He had his first trip to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned yesterday. Last night I went over toMaria's to sew with her and Sherry. Wesewed until 1:30AM. I finally got to sleep around 2AM and Nicholas woke up at 5:30AM soI am running on 3.5 hours of sleep today! I can't wait for nap time! Here is a picture of Nicholas crying at the front window when Scott left for work yesterday and Reese in an outfit I just finished for her.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Giving this blogging thing a try

Thanks to my cousin, Sara, I am going to give this a try. Above are pictures of why I am Sew Blessed!