Thursday, May 7, 2009

This is fun even if I am only talking to myself!

Today was a good day. This morning I dropped the kids off at Bizi Kidz to go to the sewing store. My serger is really acting up and won't stay threaded! I got to the sewing store and realized that I had forgotten the electrical cord at home. urgggghhhh! So... I drove 25 minutes home and 25 minutes back (while paying $10/hr for the kids to be watched!). I would have just come back another day but I am really backed up on my sewing and have got to catch up. I thought it would be a quick fix but ended up having to leave it for a technician to fix. Besides that the day was great! We met our new neighbors who are a young couple with one little boy around Nicholas's age! And she is a stay-at-home mom!!! It is 7:55pm and they are already in bed and asleep, ahhhh. (I reread this and thought I should clarify... the kids are asleep, I don't know about the neighbors!) Now the wait for Grey's to start!

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  1. you're at least talking to me now!!! It is fun to go back and read the little things you write and would normally forget in our crazy mom world!