Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


February’s Craft Club was a HUGE success!!  Everyone was surprised to learn how easy it is to etch on glass! 

March’s Craft Club will feature POWER TOOLS!!  Saws, sanders, and drills!  And of course your own pair of girlified safety glasses!  Here is what we will be making:

DSC_1570 (2) 

  Don’t come in dress clothes!  You WILL be covered in saw dust!  Jeans are encouraged!    The cost for this project will be $15.  If you would like to pay now you can do so by clicking on this “Buy Now” button.


So simply pick a date, invite your friends and I do the rest.
BEST part of all, if you have 5 people attend, yours is FREE!!!
For more details, contact me at

janelle at sodderbug dot com

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New *Old Barn Wood* Sign

I made this for a friend’s birthday present!!

friends barn wood sign

Finally, I am starting a craft club!

After many requests, I am going to start a craft club! Each month I will teach a new crafting technique. The prices will vary, usually $10-$20. The cost will cover all your supplies to make the project. The first class will be teaching how to etch on glass. For $10 you will get to make one of these candle holders!


The cost for this project will only be $10! I will have sand and a candle to put in them. This first one will be at Trish Naylor’s house on Sunday, February 27th, from 4-5pm. Her address is 6319-B Highway 158 Summerfield, NC 27358. If you cannot make this event, you are welcome to host your own. Just pick a date and time and invite some friends over to your house. I will come to you with all the supplies and teach it in your house. If you have at least 5 friends then you get to make her project for free! Each month I will have a new project, teaching a new technique. At the February class I will bring the March project with me so you can see a sample. Let me know if you are going to attend the party on the 27th or if you want to host your own party!



Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A great gift for the man in your life!!

Or it can be for your wife, if there are any men reading this!  There are four glasses in the set and are $20!  I can also make custom pint glasses.  Custom glasses are $30 per set of 4.  Just email me the words, logo, or team you want on them!  You can purchase them on my Betsy page.
vday pint glasses (2)

vday pint glasses (1)
vday pint glasses (3)

Burlap Wreath

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day today’s project is a super cheap, fast, simple, and cute wreath!

vday burlap heart (1)

Picnik collagewreath1

1. I bought burlap at Hobby Lobby. One yard is plenty and it is $2.99/yard. Use the 40% coupon from Sunday’s paper or print it off online and you have your burlap for $1.79!! Originally I cut it into 4 inch strips. I ended up cutting those in half. So go with 2 inch wide strips.

2. Unravel a little of each side of the strips.

3. Shape your coat hanger into a heart.

4. Put the burlap strips on the wire, accordion style. The coat hanger pokes right through it!

5. Keep putting on strips until it is thick enough that the coat hanger doesn’t show through.

6. Then fold over the pieces of hanger at the top so they are hooked together.

You are done! That easy! Total project cost, $1.79! Can’t beat that! It took me about 30 minutes, most of which was cutting out the strips. The hardest part is figuring out where you want to put this beautiful wreath!!

New Store is open!!!

I have been making a lot of projects with old barn wood lately!  I have received lots of great feedback so I have decided to open a store on my Facebook page!  You can find it here!  I will add new products everyday!  I am also adding them to my Etsy page. 


Valentine’s Day Charms!!!

I have made several Valentine’s Day charms that I want to share with you!!!  I also made graphics that you can save and email to your husband if you want a custom photo charm for Valentine’s Day!!  Check them out!  If you place an order for a custom photo charm in the next day or 2 then you can have it by the 14th! 

Picnik collagexoxo













Picnik collagevday

You can now purchase my charms on my Facebook page too!  Oh, and “like” it if you don’t already!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Old Door

Check out this amazing little old door!  I got it from my secret source who takes down old barns!!  He is my jackpot!!!   I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this when I found it! 

Using my Silhouette, I made this stencil:

stencil on wood steps(3)

Next I laid out the stencil where I wanted it.  I put tape on the rest of the wood so when I spray painted it the rest of the wood was covered.

stencil on wood steps(4)

Then I spray painted!  Sorry for the terrible pictures!  My Nikon was in the shop so I had to use my phone camera!

stencil on wood steps(5)

Remove the stencil and here you go! 


I love it!  I have 3 extra doors so if you are interested in getting one, email me your established year!  I am selling them for $30!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bartering for Christmas

I am going to attempt to log all my Christmas bartering!  I think I will be impressed when I finish this post at how much $$$ I saved us this Christmas!  I will definitely email my husband a copy of this post so he sees how much I saved us as well!  Smile  A custom Sodderbug charm sells for $30 so keep that in mind.  Here is a sample of what Sodderbug is all about.  I make these custom photo charms.

DSC_3759 - Copy

2 Charms for 1 Nintendo DS and one Nintendo Gameboy    $110

2 Charms for  photographer, Wendy Riley, $$ saving up for s sitting fee towards new family pictures… priceless 

3 Charms in exchange for an amazing birthday cake made by Kool Cakes for my daughter (whose birthday is in Dec)    $90


Christmas charms for Total Bliss, an incredible local store.  I used my store credit to buy Christmas decorations.  $110  (my guess, not finalized)


1 Charm for a batch of the One Nutty Girl’s cookie dough, mmm.  That was just a straight up splurge!  $30


2 Charms for 2 gift certificates to Shane's Sporting Clays for my Dad’s gift.  $60


8 Charms for Slimdgm, I just call her Slim!   She made me a bunch of these!  I gave them to my mom, sister, mother-in-law, and sisters-in-law!  Each clip board was custom made for their personality and with their names on them.  Oh, and she made me one with my Sodderbug logo on it!  $240


Running ornaments for Off'n Running, our local running store.  When it comes times for a new pair of running shoes they will be free!!  $130


4 Charms for Stephanie over at Fontastic Expressions.  She is going to make me $120 worth of vinyl cutouts!  She makes so many amazing things that I have not made my mind up yet!  I think I am going to get bible verses to put up all over my house!


I am sure there is more that I am forgetting about.  So far the total I can remember is… $890!  WOW!