Saturday, January 30, 2010


You may have noticed that I am giving away 20!!!! free charms through my Sodderbug business!  All you have to do  is put my “Sew Blessed” button on your blog and I will make you a charms with your button on it!  

Here are 3 of the ones I have made already!

20433_310780035802_258807015802_5126633_7653642_nOne Nutty Girl

20433_310780005802_258807015802_5126632_7233162_nLife to the "T"

DSC_1351Marbles from Heaven 

I threw in a Saints charm since she is from LA!!

Here is my running list so you know when I get to 20!

  1. Country Born
  2. Heart to Heart

Thank you all for participating!  Whew!  That really was a lot of work!  What was I thinking when I came up with a 20 charm  giveaway?!?!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recipe for Rachel Ray

Totally winging it Tuesday morning, I made a super yummy breakfast casserole for MOPS!  Here is a rough recipe for it:

Spray a 9X11 baking dish with PAM.  Put a layer of crescent rolls rolled out flat on the bottom of the pan.  In a blender mix 10 eggs, a package of precooked and then microwaved bacon, 3 cut up greens onions, 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese and then the SECRET ingredient, a tub of chive and onion cream cheese.   Poor in pan and then top with another package of crescent rolls out flat.  Bake for 30 minutes 350!

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Blessed Pancakes

Oh my!  I (we) made the best pancakes for dinner tonight.  I added peanut butter to the batter!  It was soo good!  I also added chocolate chips to some of them to make Reese’s (my daughter’s name) peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes!   Good thing I did an hour of cardio this morning!




Valentine’s Day Heart with Leftovers



Jan__10_046 January_6_040



I used old wood from a friend’s burn pile and had my Dad make into a rectangle.  Then He stapled rat wire on the back.  I used a coat hanger and shaped it into a heart.  Then I tore strips of scrap fabric in to pieces and tied them around the heart.  Next time I would make my strips of fabric shorter because I think it is hard to tell it is a heart!  Cost… zero!

Can You Read This??

I went to a couple of fire stations around and took pictures of things that looked like letters.  I also did the same thing on a farm.  Here is my first attempt at framing some of the letters, well matting them.  I still need to buy the frame.  The matte came as a double white set.  I really wanted black so I spray painted the top one black with my chalk board paint.  I might write out the rest of the verse along the bottom with white chalk.


Deuteronomy 6:5
Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

In-Progress Projects

Here are a few projects I am working on.  We’ll see how they turn out!!

A chandelier for Reese’s room.  $10 from Goodwill!




Not liking this one so far.  A couple of my friends bought metal letters to decorate with.  Theirs turned out great!  I tried cutting my own letter out of a sheet of metal (will NEVER do that again) and am going to paint it…    I think I am going to need help on this one!

My inspiration for this one (Theirs)


Life to the "T"


IMG_4008-400x533 One Nutty Girl





Shaping things with barbed wire… 


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Happy Birthday MOM!  I love you sooo much!  XOXOXOXOXOXOX



The Ultimate Compliment

I admit it.  I LOVE to copy people!  Lately I have seen pictures of peoples’ shoes… yes, peoples’ shoes!   I think the pictures are showing their favorite shoes.  So here is my copy!

Hers (Life to the "T")





Saturday, January 23, 2010

Junk Store Find

When I was up in NY for Christmas I went to a store called Toby’s.  It is not really an antique store, just a junk store with stuff EVERYWHERE and roof that is falling down and leaking all over!  I found a bundle of silverware wrapped in duct tape for $5.  Three of the spoons had an N on them so I made this for my friend,  Trish Naylor.  


Friday, January 22, 2010

I LOVE this window!!!

I am so excited about how this window came out!!!  I painted it this week!!  The verse on it is Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God”.    It is one of my  favorite verses.  I plan to hang this in my living room maybe by a wide ribbon?




A couple other projects to share!


Hand-me-down sweater, embroidered the N on it, came out pretty cute for a freebie!



This shirt got more comments than anything I have ever made!


I made this little coat for Nicholas completely out of scraps…


Scott had the dress shirt in the donate pile because he said the sleeves were too short.



I LOVED this set that I made for my niece, Dani!

mary 004

Surely you have seen these glass blocks around.  I repaint it for each holiday!


One more copied project!



Mine… I made it for my mom for her birthday.


You like?? 

I can make that!

Are you ever out shopping and see something you love and think, “I could soo make that!”  Usually at that point I take out my cell phone and take a picture of it or if I am on my computer I right click and save to my “Projects to Copy”  folder.  I thought I would show you a couple of projects that came about like that!



Mine… my daughter hated it and never wore it!

Picnik collage















DSC01374 ki

I don’t always like mine better but it is fun to try to make it instead of buying it!  This is the next thing I want to copy… a super girly chandelier for Reese!  I have been looking on craigslist for a cheap one to redo.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Embarrassing Moment!

I can’t believe I am sharing this but a friend (or maybe she is not really my friend and that is why she told me to post this… heehee) said I should.

So I am at the YMCA, just finished a hard workout and am in the shower.  You know how sometimes a really good butt scratching feels so good in the shower?  Come on admit it, no one can ear your thoughts!  Yes, well, I gave my butt a really good scratching.  Then I realize that I am about to walk naked through the locker room to my locker with huge red lines all up and down my butt and everyone will know exactly what I just did.  (They only provide hand sized towels and I usually use it to partially cover my front goods.)  Can you picture me kind of walking funny, making sure my butt is always facing a wall while I walk.   


Sorry no picture to go along with this one.  LOL!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How could I have forgotten?!

One of my favorite memories in 2009 was our trip to FL!  My cousin got married so Reese, Nicholas, Mom, and I drove down together.  You could not pay Scott enough to go to FL in the summer.  While we were there Mom watched Nicholas one of the days and Reese and I got to go to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!  We opened the park and closed it as well!  The big picture in the hat makes me laugh because she looks like a little version of me!

Picnik collage disney

Monday, January 11, 2010

Top 10 of 2009

In 2010 I am going to try to do a little better with my blogging.  To start off the year I have made a list of my favorite 10 projects from 2009.  Here we go!

This is a shot at making my own stationary for birthday gifts. I had Reese draw a big birthday cake and scanned it.  Printed it on cardstock and wala…  I will not buy birthday cards anymore!  Not that I ever did! 


The land lords in the house we are renting replaced the windows this year so I asked to have the old ones.  

DSC_7174 (Large)

A couple of cute canvases!

Picnik collagecanvas2 

And of course I started soldering!!!!!!!!!!! This was a custom order for someone who wanted a picture of a tree in it.  I thought it came out pretty cool!

DSC_0012 (Large)

I started painting glass this fall!

DSC_7391 (Large)

I made the whole alphabet and plan on doing one out of pictures taken on a farm!  My plan is to have a book printed for Nicholas to practice his letters and just for a keepsake!  I might also print out the letters of his name and have them framed to hang on his bedroom wall!

abc fire

My new embroidery font that I LOVE!!


I made baby slings!


This is a tassel that I made out of a finial that I took off the curtain rod in my living room.  I tore strips of scrap fabric that I already had.  It cost me nothing to make!  I made several of these and sold them at a craft show for $20.  They all sold fast!!!


Here is a collage of sewing projects.  Going around clockwise starting in the top left corner…

I bag I made for my mom, a couple of Johnny’s I made for Nicholas, a dress for Reese.  She picked out the pattern and the fabric!  Next one, I took a pair of too short jeans, cut them off and added a ruffle and ribbon belt.  I also painted the tractor on the shirt.  A to-shirt that I (or maybe it was Anja?!) painted a dancer on and added fabric to the bottom to make it a dress.  Added a ruffle and appliqué heart to the overalls.  A couple pairs of pants that were too short for Reese so I made them capri’s and added ribbon and buttons.  A baby sling. This next one is an original idea.  A little boy had a blankie that was totally tattered but he still liked to hold it at night.  I made this bag that has loose elastic on the top so the blanket is inside and he can put his hand inside the bag to sleep!  And 2 burp clothes!!

sewing Picnik collage 


Here are my Top 10 for Memorable

Events of 2009

(good and bad)

I brought in the new year at the hospital! This was so fun!  I brought all kinds of horns and noise makers for the patients.  I handed them out at 11 and you could hear them making noise for the next 2 hours! 


I completed the Chicago Marathon!!!!

(including the 17 weeks of training)

We moved from Browns Summit to Greensboro

…the only bad thing on the list! 


  I started Miles for Smiles.  This was a dream 3 years in the making!


O Sew Precious is no more!  I Started a new business called Sodderbug!   Check it out!!

charms collage no border 

Family vacation to Lake Lure

lake (25) 

I got my new camera

DSC_4062 (Large) 

We got passes to Emerald Point for the summer!


I completed my first race pushing a double jogging stroller!


We participated in the neighborhood 4th of July parade



We spent a day at Belews Lake with friends!

DSC_3218 copy 

A super fun, gigantic, overflowing, bubble bath with Reese!  We had so much fun making this mess and I will remember it forever!