Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bartering for Christmas

I am going to attempt to log all my Christmas bartering!  I think I will be impressed when I finish this post at how much $$$ I saved us this Christmas!  I will definitely email my husband a copy of this post so he sees how much I saved us as well!  Smile  A custom Sodderbug charm sells for $30 so keep that in mind.  Here is a sample of what Sodderbug is all about.  I make these custom photo charms.

DSC_3759 - Copy

2 Charms for 1 Nintendo DS and one Nintendo Gameboy    $110

2 Charms for  photographer, Wendy Riley, $$ saving up for s sitting fee towards new family pictures… priceless 

3 Charms in exchange for an amazing birthday cake made by Kool Cakes for my daughter (whose birthday is in Dec)    $90


Christmas charms for Total Bliss, an incredible local store.  I used my store credit to buy Christmas decorations.  $110  (my guess, not finalized)


1 Charm for a batch of the One Nutty Girl’s cookie dough, mmm.  That was just a straight up splurge!  $30


2 Charms for 2 gift certificates to Shane's Sporting Clays for my Dad’s gift.  $60


8 Charms for Slimdgm, I just call her Slim!   She made me a bunch of these!  I gave them to my mom, sister, mother-in-law, and sisters-in-law!  Each clip board was custom made for their personality and with their names on them.  Oh, and she made me one with my Sodderbug logo on it!  $240


Running ornaments for Off'n Running, our local running store.  When it comes times for a new pair of running shoes they will be free!!  $130


4 Charms for Stephanie over at Fontastic Expressions.  She is going to make me $120 worth of vinyl cutouts!  She makes so many amazing things that I have not made my mind up yet!  I think I am going to get bible verses to put up all over my house!


I am sure there is more that I am forgetting about.  So far the total I can remember is… $890!  WOW!

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