Saturday, July 17, 2010

From Pallet to Bed!!

We are in the process of turning my 2 year old son’s room into a big boy room.  I started with the canvas on the back of vinyl flooring.  Notice in the final picture how much of Bessie, the cow, I lost due to my terrible measuring!


I had found this picture of a bed and wanted to copy it!  I can’t remember which blog I got this picture from! 


One day last month I went to my husband’s work to have lunch with him.  As I was walking to my car I noticed their LARGE trash pile.  It was calling my name!!  My poor husband!  I may not be invited to lunch again!  I found this large pallet and asked him to bring it home.  To my surprise he did!


First Scott (and Nicholas) reinforced each board with a screw.


I found these 4 inch casters at Harbor Freight for $3.99 each.  I needed 6.   I was able to use Sodderbug $$$ to purchase them so that makes me happy that it didn’t come out of our household budget!


Nicholas handed me the screws and I screwed them on!



We carried it into Nicholas’s room and this is what we had. 


I had not measured it and thought I would not mind if it was a little larger than the mattress but it took up way too much space in him room.  So… we took it back out to the garage and completely undid everything we had just done.  We cut 10 inches off the width and the last 3 slats.  Then put it all back together.  I think it was totally worth it!  Nicholas is sound asleep in his new bed!


He loves that Bessie is right next to his head! 


I might turn the bed tomorrow so that it is on the right wall and not covering up so much of the canvas.  A funny note about the comforter… it is from my college days!  Inside of the comforter is my older comforter from middle school age.  My mom had taken two sheets and sewed them together and put my old comforter inside.  So it is 21 years old! 

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